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Human-Centered Design

Since 1934, Fisher & Paykel has been using a heritage that is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity that has challenged conventional appliance design to consistently deliver products tailored to human needs when designing their products. For Fisher & Paykel, legacy is about looking to the future while ensuring what we develop today is aligned to the fundamental principles of sustainable design.

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Fisher-Paykel Rebates

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Get A Dishdrawer™ Dishwasher Or Dishwasher With Your Purchase
Get A 5 Year Warranty On Your New Appliance
Purchase A Wine Column And Receive Free Display Accessories
5% Mail-In Rebate Plus 5 Year Extended Manufacturer's Warranty*

*5% mail in rebate offer.

Choose Your Style

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

Representing a timeless, enduring aesthetic, Contemporary appliances feature the clean lines, bold yet complementary tonal contrasts, and signature design features that have become a hallmark of the style.

Professional Kitchen

Professional Kitchen

Professional style appliances feature a distinctive and bold aesthetic, inspired by their commercial kitchen heritage with uncompromised power for exceptional results in a residential setting

Classic Kitchen

Classic Kitchen

Classic style appliances are designed to have presence within a kitchen – to stand out and make a statement as a bold centerpiece. They are additive, eclectic, and expressive.

Minimal Kitchen

Minimal Kitchen

The Minimal style celebrates a singular aesthetic that allows appliances to blend seamlessly into the kitchen, drawing on subtle textural and tonal contrasts for a sense of refinement and design clarity.

Beauty of Choice

Modern kitchens are a place of expression, where innovative design creates beautiful and truly bespoke spaces. The best appliances enable customizable solutions, delivering the freedom to bring to life cohesive designs unencumbered by the restraints of size, placement and format.


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